What you need to know about the flu & a recent string of Legionnaires Disease

Flu season is upon us and many doctors offices and clinics are getting in the flu vaccine.  The CDC recommends everyone 6 months and older get the flu shot to prevent getting the illness and having it spread.  Experts say more than 90 million doses of the the seasonal flu vaccine have been distributed.  Keep in mind, the flu mist is not recommended this year, because it was ineffective in years past.   Also, the vaccine typically takes two weeks to kick in.  Washington has already seen it's first flu death of the season.  It came this month in Spokane, Washington.

Dr. Matthew Bressie with Pacific Medical Center stopped by the Q13 studio to talk about the flu, the shot and what to do if you get sick.  He also addressed people's apprehension about the vaccine and the risks.

Dr. Bressie also discussed the recent cases of Legionnaires Disease.  There have been five cases of the pneumonia-like illness connected to the University of Washington Medical Center and another unrelated case at Overlake Hospital in Bellevue.   Dr. Bressie describes what Legionnaires is and how it spreads.  This week, a woman who received a heart transplant at UW Medical Center told us she contracted Legionnaires Disease while being treated.  She has now filed a claim against the hospital in the case.

Although rare, Legionnaire's disease is rare and treatable with antibiotics.