What was that strange object floating over Olympia? (VIDEO)

OLYMPIA, Wash. -- Q13 News viewer Adamus Lender said he saw a strange object floating over Olympia on Saturday, April 2, and took a video of it.

He posted this video of it to his Facebook page.

“I was in Olympia and it was early morning. I got coffee through the drive-through and parked in the parking lot," he said in a phone interview Monday night. "At first I thought it was a banner that planes fly around.  But then I noticed there was no plane and it was hovering there.  It twirled a couple times and went straight up in the clouds.  I got a phone call and looked away for second and then looked back and it was gone.”

Lender said he looked on YouTube and people have seen these type of objects before; they're called UFO cylinders.

“It looked like a giant metal object – when it turned turns a couple times, you can see a reflection.  I don’t know what it is.”

Does anyone know what this could be?