What should you do in an active shooter situation?

SEATTLE -- Experts say knowing what to do in an active shooter situation is vital for you and your family.

Jim Fuda with CrimeStoppers of Puget Sound says the main things to know is to trust your instinct. 

If something seems wrong don’t hesitate to leave or say something.

If you are in an active shooter situation, remember these three things: run, hide or fight.

"It`s not paranoid to look at your surroundings - situational awareness,” Fuda said. “Look at what is around you and then it becomes second nature to you.”

Other tips include understanding the building layout if you’re at a familiar location. Understand where all the building exits are and the best way to leave when necessary.

Never hide in bathrooms in active shooter situations. It may give tempory shelter, but there’s no way to escape and typically no way to lock the door.

Break line of sight with the shooter. If they can’t see you, they can’t shoot you. And if there’s no time, ducking behind objects like tables, the engine compartment of a car, or concrete barriers can give cover and make you less of a target.

In these situations, experts say there are usually no specific targets and shooters are focused on causing as much harm as possible, so playing dead is an option.

Understand what gunshots sound like. Depending on the distance, intermediate rifle rounds, such as the .223 used by AR-15’s and its derivatives, may sound more like popping than loud bangs.

Fuda explains that people should always trust their instincts, and he says there is no harm in a false alarm.