What not to buy on Black Friday

Courtesy: www.newbernsj.com

Black Friday is quickly approaching and you may already be starting to figure out the types of items you'd like to snag this year.

But according to Dealnews.com, there are several things you do not want to buy during the annual day after Thanksgiving sales.

The website says that's because many items see even bigger discounts in late December and the new year.

One of those items is toys.

Dealnews.com says Black Friday toy sales don't provide the biggest discounts. You're better off waiting until about two weeks before Christmas for those deeper cuts.

Games consoles without a bundled item are also an item you should wait on. That's because you'll get a better deal on premium accessories and two or three games if you wait to purchase a console deal.

Brand name HDTVs are also an item you should wait on, according to the website. The truly rock bottom prices are available in late December when many manufacturers clear out their stock after the holidays.

If you're looking to buy a DSLR camera you're best best is to wait until after CES and into February when the 2013 cameras are replaced by the new year models and retailers discount them.

Dealnews.com says winter apparel is another item you shouldn't purchase on Black Friday. The site says it is smarter to wait until January when you'll see clearance sales and bigger discounts.

For a look at the complete list of items you should not buy on Black Friday from Dealnews.com, click here.