What happens to Washington state if Inslee runs for president?

SEATTLE– Will he or won’t he?  Sources tell Q13 News Governor Jay Inslee is getting close to announcing he’ll run for president.  Already, Inslee is facing push back from people on the other side of the aisle.

Inslee was all smiles Thursday at a dedication ceremony for the new Bill and Melinda Gates Center at the University of Washington.  He spoke about climate change at the dedication.

“We know we have to build a clean energy future to defeat climate change,” said Inslee.

Defeating climate change in Washington or on a national level as president?  Either way, Washington Republican Party Chairman Caleb Heimlich says Inslee doesn’t stand a chance.

“Most polls he’s getting zero-percent and he wants to make his signature issue front and center,” said Heimlich.

The Washington Republican Party is sending a message to Inslee to resign.

“If you want Inslee to run for president, then I think you should join us in calling for Inslee to resign and step down so we can have a governor who’s focused on this Washington and he can focus on his ambitions to run for president,” said Heimlich.

If he’s to become President, Inslee will have to hit the campaign trail running, crisscrossing the country and leaving Washington-state behind.

Seattle University Professor Marco Lowe says it’s no big deal.

“We’re in legislative session right now so bill signing can’t be done over the phone. So he’ll be back in Olympia for that. But he’s got a good team in Olympia and he’s got a good team on his campaign and I think he’ll be able to govern either remotely or at his office in Olympia,” said Lowe.

Despite a growing list of contenders, Professor Lowe says Inslee can stand out among progressives.  Lowe says just entering the race could mean a national spotlight on Washington and highlighting its strengths.

“He’s got a compelling story, the Washington state economy is good. A very progressive politics here. And his climate change issue is absolutely one that is captivating the country and will attract voters,” said Lowe.

Inslee will have to make a decision: Washington or Washington, D.C.

“If he decides by March or April that he doesn’t want to run for president or might not win, he could still file for governor and run for that,” said Lowe.

Professor Lowe says if Inslee runs, doesn’t get the nomination and chooses not to run for re-election to be governor, there’s always a chance at being the nominee’s running mate as vice president.