What attacked Buddy and Cisco? 1 goat killed, another missing in fenced area in Parkland

PARKLAND, Wash. -- Behind some businesses in Parkland, inside a fenced area, lived two friendly goats.

"We have two goats ... here at our pond to help maintain it, and they`ve become our pets and we take care of them every day," said Judy, the property manager, who asked to only be identified by her first name.

She said the goats -- Buddy and Cisco -- helped to clear out the brush by eating it.

Early Friday morning, employees went to check on the goats and found one dead and the other missing.

Fish and Wildlife investigators say it appears they were attacked by another wild animal, possibly a cougar.

"To me, there shouldn't be that big of wildlife out here," Judy said.

Parkland is 8  miles south of Tacoma.

Investigators say the wounds on the goat show it was bitten in the neck. As for the other that is missing, they speculated that it could have been hauled off and buried to save it for a future meal.

Fish and Wildlife investigators checked out a surveillance video that show the goats trying to fend off something, but they aren't sure what it was.

"We would like to get new goats...," Judy said, "but we would have to figure out if there is any way to keep that from happening again. We don`t want to keep giving the cougar a meal."

Fish and Wildlife said they would be back out in the area with tracking dogs on Saturday morning to try to hunt down whatever killed the goats.