Edmonds residents, crews prepare for storm and power outages

Expected snowfall has residents in the North Sound preparing for potential power outages and icy roads, especially after the last storm left, people without power for hours.

Resident, Kathy Jones "I lost it (power last snow storm) for about 20 hours actually, down here."

This time, Jones says, she is preparing with candles and extra food and planning not to drive on icy roads. 

Jones said, "I personally am not driving anywhere and I don’t have too for the next few days."

 ACE Hardware in Edmonds has been stocking up on supplies for the snowstorm.

ACE Hardware manager Maija Zageris, said "we’ve been getting in snow shovels, ice melt, as we can, hand warmers, hats, gloves, anything for the cold weather." But they tell us ice melt in particular is in high demand. Zageris said, "right now, we’re fully stocked in most things, but ice melt we just got it in today, and we will probably be sold out by the end of today."

A local bakery owner, Conor O’Neill, tells us, he’s getting ready to shovel. "I’m buying a snow shovel for my bakery," O’Neill said, "I think I borrowed from a neighbor, over at the shop, they were kind enough to lend me one, but I figured he’s probably going to be using his today."

Another resident, Joe Zavaglia has already started "I got a couple of shovels, we have a long driveway about 250 feet long." Zavaglia said, "I was out shoveling last night at 9 o’clock last night."

In the meantime, Snohomish Public Utilities is preparing for outages. 

Kellie Stickney said, "so if we get a large amount of outages like we did in the last snow storm (a few weeks ago), then will have all crews out."

PUD is ready with 30 crews on call for Monday night and Tuesday, as the snowstorm approaches Western Washington.