West Coast seaports reopened Friday, but to close through Monday

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Seaports from Southern California to Seattle reopened as negotiators labored to resolve a crippling contract dispute and let cargo flow freely across the West Coast waterfront.

Friday was a reprieve for international trade — a normal workday with normal crews.

None of the massive ships crammed with products from Asia were loaded or unloaded Thursday at the 29 ports — and none will be handled on Saturday through Monday.

Employers are locking out most dockworkers, saying they have slowed work as a bargaining tactic. Wages are higher on weekends and Presidents Day, and operators of marine terminals don't want to pay the premium.

Talks on a new contract stalled in recent weeks, all but paralyzing 29 ports that handle about one-quarter of U.S. international trade.

Friday's negotiations produced no breakthrough.