Wells Fargo in Redmond offers $20k reward for arrest of suspect who robbed them at gunpoint

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  (King County Sheriff's Office/FBI)

Wells Fargo is offering a cash reward of up to $20,000 for information that leads to the arrest of this bank robbery suspect.

Detectives say he was armed with a handgun and was waving it around during the takeover style robbery in the Redmond Ridge area. He was carrying a black and white Stars Wars backpack with storm troopers on it.

Sgt. Corbett Ford is hoping that clue jogs someone's memory.

"Perhaps anybody that they might know that has a backpack like that also seems to have come into a windfall of cash or might have changed substantially their spending habits, and has spent a lot more money that seems unusual that might help us identify a suspect, we want to hear about that," said Sgt. Ford.