Weather, crowds slow down return holiday travel

SNOQUALMIE PASS -- As the holiday weekend comes to an end, thousands are on the road and in the air to get back home for work in the morning.

Snoqualmie pass – one of the rougher areas for holiday travelers - provided some relief on the return trip: no restrictions on open roads in both directions. But traffic was still a pain in the, you know what.

“We were just completely stopped,” Darcy Spurgeon said with sigh next to her husband Mike.

The Spurgeon’s enjoyed smooth sailing from Wenatchee, until they got to the Pass.

“When we took the exit, just coming up the hill to the pass I guess it was here where it really slowed down. Everybody's trying to get over the top,” Mike said.

Snow here pales in comparison to the wicked weather down south, aiding in nightmarish scenes at airports across the country and here at Sea-Tac.

“It was a little bumpy,” Matt Jones said of his trip home from Fresno, California.

And he’s not just talking about the flight

“The security line down there was busier than I've ever seen it. It was crazy,” Jones added.

Nearly 10,000 flights were delayed across the US. About 2,000 were cancelled, and still counting. Some airlines waived change fees due to the poor weather disrupting flights across the country.