"We want people to understand what to expect." - Volcano webinar today to get Washington State 'volcano ready'

The beautiful landscape in Washington State is a result of the active geology we have here in volcano country. While we often delight in saying, "the mountain is out", that mountain is often a sleeping volcano. In fact, we've got a five volcanoes in Washington State. You might live near one of them-- or more importantly downstream from one of them. Mount Baker, Glacier Peak, Mount Rainier, Mount St. Helens, and Mount Adams all could rumble back to life at any time. 

As part of Volcano Awareness Month, the Washington Department of Emergency Management is holding a web seminar today May 13th at 1pm. You can click the link here to see it live or see a recorded version after the fact.


Preparing for a volcano can get you ready for lots of natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, winter storms and forest fires too. The webinar is expected to cover topics about how to prepare for different communities-- those living in the direct shadow of these giants on our landscape and those living a bit further downstream and downwind. -Tim Joyce