'We survived': Carroll says Seahawks are excited for some home games

SEATTLE - Three games out of four at CenturyLink Field, with the defense playing at a ridiculous level and the offensive line clicking?

Pete Carroll will take it.

As he does every week, the Seattle Seahawks' head coach set aside some time for an exclusive chat with the home of the Seahawks, Q13 FOX. This week he talked about how nice it is to return home after two tough road games, the arrival of Dwight Freeney, and the team's happy improvement on the offensive line.

It’s been four weeks since your last home game. How nice is it to come back and have three of your next four at home?

It’s really good. We made it on the road, we survived a little bit. Coming back home is a big deal – this is exciting for our guys.

How about the offensive line – it seemed like they had one of their best games last week.

Yeah. We’re just getting cleaner, we’re getting sharper. It’s not soon enough, but we’re getting better. This is what’s supposed to happen. You can just feel that they’re more confident now, and they’re playing faster and it looks good.

The defense has only allowed nine points in the fourth quarter this season, and they haven’t allowed a single point in the first quarter. How impressive is that to you?

Well, that’s pretty good. That’s pretty darn good. We’ll see what we can do in the second and the third, but that’s pretty good.

Also, the Seahawks are outscoring their opponents 53-9 in the fourth quarter.

Well, that’s really important to us, and it’s something that will pay off throughout the season all the way down the stretch. We already know that we know how to do that, so hopefully we can hang on to that. Russell’s been playing phenomenally in the fourth quarter and hopefully we can keep that rolling.

The defense gets a boost this week with the arrival of Dwight Freeney. You’ve played against him all these years – what’s it like having him on your team.

He’s an extraordinary guy. I’ve known him over the years – just watched him play for years. He’s an extraordinary individual. He’s got such great savvy for the game, and he’s willing to share it with other guys. His background, where he’s from, is something that really helps young guys, and just helps us in general. So, we’re excited about him. He’s gonna play, we’re going to get him out there and see how he does. He looked very good in practice during the week, so he’s ready to go.