'We support our local police dept' painted on window of car that lead police on high speed chase

LOS ANGELES, California --  A car with the message 'We support our local police dept.' written on the rear window lead authorities on a wild chase through the streets of Anaheim Friday afternoon, reported KTLA-TV.

The LA Times reported the chase began around 12:30pm and was carried live on local television.

According to the Times:

At one point, an officer appeared to nearly trap the car in a grocery store parking lot but the driver cut through open parking spaces, missing customers walking through with their shopping cars, and briefly escaped.

After the driver exited the parking lot, he was seen leaning out the window of the car, waving both hands in the air and making gestures toward police.

Shortly after the car stopped suddenly, the driver stepped out of the car, walked to the middle of the street and put his hands on his head in surrender.

At least three people seen inside the car were also ordered to surrender.

The car was believed to be stolen and that's likely what sparked the initial chase.