‘We are in this together’: Neighbors offer gifts, masks for front line coronavirus workers

SEATTLE – The sheer size of the coronavirus crisis can sometimes lead to feelings of hopelessness.

Many sitting on the sidelines might feel like there’s nothing they can do to help, but there are some who dive in head-first, volunteering their time to say thanks to first responders.

As the crisis mounts, many of our neighbors are doing whatever they can to fulfill their promise that we are in this together.

Mike and Marsha Harris, owners of Snoqualmie Falls Candy Shoppe, are part of something bigger than themselves.

“We’re getting intermingled and it’s kind of like taking on a war,” said Mike.

Their store is closed to the public, but they are still packing up sweets and treats as a way to say thanks to those working the front lines against Covid-19.

“A lot of people are really excited about helping,” said Marsha. “It helps us and maybe get through the next could weeks and pay our rent.”

Who’s paying for all these goodies? Donors, says Robin Soliday.

“Feels like such a small thing to do when I think what other people are faced with right now,” said Soliday.

Soliday said at first she raised $500, but then that number doubled. She’s taking care packages from the Harris’ to those working to keep America running during a crisis.

“The fire department, the clinic hospitals, pharmacies, you name it,” said Soliday.

“I’ve been non-stop since Friday,” said Jessica Breznau, volunteer with Crafters Against Covid-19.

It’s part of a growing group of people making home-made barrier masks meant to help healthcare workers.

“My heart goes out to all the people on the front lines right now that are fighting for us and we just need to sew and make more masks,” she said.

Hundreds are sewing at home thanks to an instructional video posted by a fellow volunteer and masks being distrubuted to use as a barrier against the virus.

“We’re going to get on top of this thing,” said Breznau. “We’ve gone through a lot together.”