WATCH: Ominous scene on dark deserted highway results in two arrests & driver thankful to be unhurt

JERSEY CITY, New Jersey --  A frightening situation on a dark and deserted highway captured on dashcam video has raised some serious safety questions in New Jersey.

The video shows Highway 78 west near Jersey City on Sunday morning just after midnight.  The roadway is illuminated only by the driver’s headlights and no other cars are visible.

Then out of the darkness looms a car, two orange cones and a person walking slowly toward the dashcam.

As the driver slows the man, whose legs are the only thing fully illuminated by the headlights, walks up to the passenger side window.

“What’s going on,” asks the driver.  “Can I help you with something?”

The stranger pauses.

“Yes,” he can be heard replying ominously.

Then off camera the man reportedly reaches into his pocket and that is when the driver decides he’s not sticking around any longer and drives right through the cones.

WABC-TV spoke with the man who captured the entire thing on his dashcam.  His name is Ivan Tukhtin.

Tukhtin called 911 after getting a safe distance away.

New Jersey State Police went to the scene and arrest the man in the video and another man who may have been hiding in the car.

What exactly was happening on that dark roadway remains a mystery, but Tukhtin told WABC-TV he is sure he knows what was about to happen.

"I personally think it was a robbery because someone who needs help doesn't take these kinds of extreme measures. I'm just glad I wasn't hurt," Tukhtin said.