WATCH: Kaci puts on an apron and dons a cap to work at Dick's Drive-In

SEATTLE -- It was a lot harder than she thought it would be- did you know each shake is whipped to order? Or that the goal is to get each customer in and out with hot and fresh food in under a minute? Watch and see what happened.

Then, if you want Kaci to try YOUR job for an upcoming segment, tweet @KaciAitchison using the hashtag #kacibeme!

Dick’s Drive-In Restaurants celebrates local grads by offering a free cheeseburger or hamburger to any high school or college graduate who shows up in a cap and gown between now and June 21st.

Over the last 22 years, Dick’s Drive-Ins has given away over $1.3 million in employee college scholarships. For more, head to