WATCH: Job-seeker asks for application at Lakewood car wash, then steals company's cash bag

LAKEWOOD, Wash. -- He came in looking for a job at the Classy Chassis Car Wash. But while no one was looking, the 'job applicant' stole and walked out with the company's bank bag containing hundreds of dollars.

Security cameras captured the man reaching for the bank bag and then walking out of the car wash on the 7700 block of Custer Road West.

The car wash owner, Corey Campbell, said the man asked the cashier for a job application and, when she turned around, he grabbed the bag sitting on the counter.

“Just the fact that somebody would take an opportunity like that and put a plan together that quickly,” said Campbell. “It`s very disappointing."

Campbell believes the suspect was looking for work because he was in the car wash earlier with another person. Both asked for job applications and then left.

A few minutes later, store employees said the suspect returned and asked for another application to distract the cashier so he could take the money.

“It’s not even necessarily the amount of money, it’s the fact that they could come into a business like that and just get away with it , that’s not OK,” said Classy Chassis marketing director Amber Foley.

Lakewood police are looking for any information regarding the suspect. Officers are also trying to identify the man who was seen with him on the store surveillance video.