WATCH: Great blue heron goes gopher hunting in man's backyard

Youtube GIF

A blue heron kept coming back to Jessi Garza’s backyard day after day.

Garza could not figure out why the heron was there.

So on June 26th he took out his smartphone and just decided to start recording.

“When you see this video you will see why he's been hanging around,” wrote Garza on YouTube.

In the video you see the large bird stealthily hunting something.

Then suddenly it springs into action and literally pulls something rather large and wriggling right from the ground.

“I have checked and confirmed that the Blue Heron caught a gopher and not a mole.,” wrote Garza. “They are very different especially if you look at them close up.”

While published in early August the video was just posted to reddit and quickly shot to the front page where it is likely headed for viral fame.