Washington Uber driver's 'ride menu' goes viral

KIRKLAND, Wash. -- George Ure works part time as an Uber driver. Inside his car, no one is a stranger, just a friend he hasn’t met yet. George wants his passengers to enjoy the ride, so he offers a “ride menu.”

Passengers make their selection; the options include a “Standup ride,” where he performs his best comedy.

“And then there is the silent ride which pause is silent, and then there’s the therapy ride and that’s for people who may have had a bad day at work. They might have something on their mind and I want to help take it off, you know. and I tell ‘em talk to me!” says George.

If sharing isn’t your style, maybe you dig the "creepy ride?"

“I just look back in the rear-view just really weird you know? And then there’s the rude ride where I’m just absolutely rude,” says George.

An amused passenger named Luis Arguijo tweeted a picture of the ride menu and it’s been liked and shared hundreds of thousands of times all around the world.

The two can’t get over how something so simple could cause such a sensation.

“I think it’s great that I get to make so many people laugh,” says George.

“If there was an option where I could just request him specifically I would keep doing it,” says Luis.

George the driver is proving it’s about so much more than the destination.

“It’s absolutely about the journey, absolutely. It was a journey. It was a journey, man, and so far it’s been a trip. In the land of passive aggressive rain and coffee it’s like hey, tell me what you want! Tell me what you want, boo, I’m going to give it to ya!” says George.