Washington State Patrol wants your car stocked with supplies this winter season

With wet and winter weather approaching, Washington State Patrol recommends stocking your cars with supplies.

On Wednesday, there was about 50 accidents in Pierce and Thurston County in a 24-hour period, said Trooper Johnna Batiste with State Patrol.

“Now is the time to be prepared,” she said.

Batiste recommends stocking your car with supplies that will help if you get into any trouble.

She says make sure your car has a first aid kit, a tire wrench, a car battery charger, a phone charger, an ice scraper, warm clothes or a blanket, flares or a flashlight, and snacks.

“I would rather commuters be over prepared than under prepared,” said Trooper Batiste.

Washington State Patrol says having these supplies in your car is not just smart during the wet and winter season, but all year round.

While all these supplies are recommendations, in some instances during the winter, like driving through the passes, it is mandatory to have tire chains. If you do not have them, it could mean you have to pay a hefty fine.