Washington state is hiring 550 firefighters for next season

VANCOUVER, Wash. -- The Washington Department of Natural Resources is already hiring for the 2019 wildfire season.

The agency says it's looking to hire about 550 temporary firefighters (check the box "Fire & EMS" and look for the Wildland Firefighter positions by region).

Previous experience is not necessary, but applicants will be required to pass a physical test.

DNR crews responded to 1,826 wildfires in 2018, a new record.

Those applying for the first time should expect to fill positions from about mid-June to mid-September. Returning firefighters might be able to fill temporary positions beginning in April.

Some seasonal firefighters might also work into October, depending on availability and weather conditions.

The DNR provides all required safety clothing, equipment and training for hired firefighters.

Salaries for new wildland firefighters range from $2,497 - $2, 890 a month, according to the job listings.