Washington boy challenges firefighters to epic socially-distant water fight

Challenge accepted!

A Washington boy named Jaxen called on members of Eastside Fire & Rescue to join him in a water fight -- and the firefighters did not disappoint.

Station 87 firefighters said after completing an emergency call, the crew met up with Jaxen and his friends on Monday for a socially distant water fight in the front yard.

Jaxen's mom Danielle told Q13 News she never thought they would actually accept the challenge, but she is so glad that they did.

"We were just scrolling through Facebook yesterday and we saw a little boy in Everett who was having a water fight and the fire dept showed up and my son said mom I want to do that so he took a video and he sent it to the fire department and they were ready!" said Danielle King.

Danielle says she sent the video challenge to the fire department - and five hours later - they pulled up in the fire truck ready to go.

Captain Johnson said it made his team very happy too, a crew of three firefighters, an off-duty firefighter and a battalion chief, all showed up to accept that challenge. Johnson says they were definitely outnumbered by the neighborhood kids.

"You know, one of the things we are missing out on is the interaction with the community with the social distancing and everything that is going on, it's tough to have that community connection," Johnson told Q13 News. "And so when we received this request for a social distanced water fight what a better way to connect with the community so we said absolutely game on!"

Danielle says Jaxen really wants to be a firefighter when he grows up.

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