Warren Sapp bitten by shark while lobstering in Florida Keys (graphic image)

FLORIDA – Pro Football Hall of Fame defensive tackle Warren Sapp became the bait while out on the water near the Florida Keys Wednesday.

Sapp was out catching lobster when a shark latched on to his arm.

Two Conchs Fishing Charters posted a picture of the bloody wound on Instagram.


But that didn't stop Sapp.

A friend who was with Sapp when it happened posted on Instagram, "The toughest guy i no (sic) man put electric tape on and still went back out diving."

A concerned fan asked how he was doing after the shark bite.

"I'm good thanks! He was solo Usually takes two for Me," Sapp replied.

He later posted a photo of his "nurse" taking care of him as he lounged on a couch.


Sapp played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Oakland Raiders during his NFL career.