Want to report a bully on confidential basis? There's a text service now

SEATTLE -- Students can now report bullies to their school just by sending a text message.

In too many cases, administrators and parents don't know a student is being bullied until it's too late. Often, that's because kids don't report it.

But if they have access to a cell phone, they now can and remain confidential. The texting alert service is now being offered to schools across the country for free.

Blackboard Incorporated, a giant in education technology, came up with "Tip Text."

Here's how it works:

A student who sees or experiences bullying sends off a confidential text to a dedicated number, leading to a real-time, two-way conversation with a school staffer. There's immediate follow up, and easy documentation.

For more information about this service, go to the company's link by clicking here.