Wake up, sleepyheads -- bears come out of hibernation

LYNNWOOD -- The PAWS Wildlife Center is letting us know that spring is coming -- and what better way to gauge that then watch some sleepy bears rouse themselves after hibernating all winter.

The center's rehabilitation staff create a darkened bear run for the youngsters every year so that they can go into hibernation, but it’s not as easy as it sounds.

“Imagine trying to get a room full of kindergartners down for nap time -- there’s always one or two kids that just won’t go to sleep?”, says PAWS Naturalist Kevin Mack. “That pretty much describes it.”

This year the center is hosting seven different cubs rescued from various locations throughout the Northwest. During their time at PAWS, the cubs get a chance to grow large enough to survive on their own in the wild while also learning social skills from other cubs. If all goes well, the bears will be returned to the wild this spring and summer, PAWS said.