Voter's Guide: Tuesday, Nov. 5 is election day in Washington

RENTON, Wash. -- The General Election is Tuesday, Nov. 5 and there are some big measures on the ballot voters are talking about.

I-976 would lower car tab fees to $30 for most drivers. If it passes, the state says it would lose billions of dollars intended to go toward infrastructure projects like light rail.

Referendum 88 is focused on affirmative action. A vote to approve means you support lifting the ban on affirmative action which means the state could then consider factors like race, sex or disability in deciding who gets state jobs or public education opportunities.

Check election results here starting Nov. 5 at 8:00 p.m.

Protecting your vote

Election officials are doing what they can to make sure your vote is protected.

The head of the Seattle FBI Field Office says western Washington is a target for hackers.

In some cases, they'll get into social media accounts owned by people you know and trust to influence your decision.

Officials say everything is designed to make sure your vote is counted properly. For instance, voters no longer have immediate access directly into the processing center.

And officials are urging two-factor authentication to access systems, and critical tabulating systems are not connected to the internet.

Voter resources

If you haven't already registered to vote in Washington, you must register in person on Election Day.