Volunteers look for clues in case of missing pregnant Tacoma woman

A group of volunteers say they feel they’ve made progress in the search for Kassanndra, after finding someone they say is a potential witness, someone who can help build the timeline for her last known whereabouts. It’s another potential piece to the puzzle that could help bring her home. 

“I can’t even imagine being pregnant and being in a situation like that, I really cant and I just want to find her, I really just want to find her,” says search party organizer, Carly Adams.

Many of those searching for Kassanndra Cantrell never knew her. But her story’s struck a chord, compelling them to help. “I have a grandchild and I know what it meant to me when it was coming, it was my first grandchild and it’s my daughter, I just broke. I needed to help,” says another search organizer, Carlie Whipple.

It’s the terrible mystery of it all that has complete strangers pounding the pavement, passing out fliers and knocking on doors, looking for answers. “All we know for sure is that she left the house at 8:44 in the morning and that’s it. The rest is theories and guesses,” says Robert Cantrell, Kassanndra’s twin brother.

The search party, compiled of family and volunteers focused on an area of Tacoma today, not far from where Kassanndra’s white Mazda was found last Friday, with the keys inside. And the same neighborhood where earlier this week a search warrant was served. Kassanndra’s family says it’s the home of a man she dated when she was a teenager, and was more recently just a friend

Investigators and volunteers have yet to find Kassanndra’s cell phone, which has been off since she disappeared last week. But there’s something else her mother believes she may have left the house with last Tuesday. “The very first test that she took when she went to the clinic, its missing…I can't think of why she needed it unless somebody asked her for it,” says Marie Smith.

Family says though Kassanndra is early in her pregnancy, about 12 weeks, it doesn’t matter, to Marie Smith, this search isn’t just for her only daughter, but her grandbaby too. “That’s all we've been talking about is this baby, planning for the baby. There's already a whole future laid out, and I won’t let that be gone.”

Though detectives suspect foul play in this case, Marie is praying they’re wrong. “There have been enough people who’ve gone missing that years later even, they find them, they go ‘oh my goodness they’ve been alive all this time.’ People have miracles I want my miracle…I’m going to keep looking, I don’t care how long. We’re going to find her, we’re going to find her.”

Search party organizers say they could use all the help they can get and say even if you only have an hour of time to spare, it will make a difference. They plan to meet at Lincoln Park in Tacoma, Friday at 8 am. They also have searches planned for the three day weekend. If you have any information on Kassanndra’s whereabouts contact the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department or call 911.