Visitation restrictions in effect at Olympia, Centralia hospitals

Providence Southwest Hospitals announced that it was updating its visitation policy in response to help control the spread of the omicron variant, and to protect caregivers and patients. 

Effective Friday morning, there will be no routine visitation on all patient care units at Providence St. Peter in Olympia and Centralia Hospitals.

"At Providence, our patient care philosophy depends greatly on engaging families to be part of the healing process," said officials. "Many of these patients’ immune systems are compromised. And we depend on our healthy caregiver workforce to care for all who come through our door."

Hospital officials said there are some exceptions. In these cases, one Essential Support Person, who screens negative for COVID-19 symptoms, at a time, may be allowed based on the exceptions listed below: 

  • Patients who are at the end-of-life (expected to pass away within 12-24 hours) may have two essential support people.
  • Patients who have altered mental status or developmental delays may have one essential support person to ensure patient’s safety.
  • Pediatrics (under age 18): Two ESP (parents/guardians) will be allowed to visit.
  • Obstetric patients may have one partner and one birth support person (doula) to accompany them. The partner may stay the entire time. The doula must leave once the patient leaves the labor room.Special Care Nursery patients may have two parents/guardians. No siblings allowed.
  • The Essential Support Person must be masked at all times and stay in the patient’s room the entire visit, leaving only to go to the cafeteria as needed for food.

The hospital said it will continue to evaluate and adjust guidelines for the safety of its patients and caregivers.

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