Viewer asks what the heck is this frightening eight-legged creature?

UNIVERSITY PLACE, Wash -- Does anyone know what this is?

That was how the post on the Q13 FOX News Facebook page began.

Viewer Hailee Graff shared a series of photos of one of the creepiest looking creatures we have ever seen.

Hailee tells us her friend, June, found it floating in a decorative watering can.

June couldn’t identify the animal herself, so she took to social media to see if anyone else recognized it.

On Facebook June writes that the creature is roughly an inch long, has 8 legs and the bulbous section seems to have antennas.

It's bulbous head has fine hairs. It has 2 tails with pincers, approximately 1/4" shorter than its 8 legs. I am positive it is not an egg sack and a head, as there isn't a head anywhere else on it. It was suggested a parasite may have attached itself to it, (it being a common spider), but it has antenna's on it, as well as yellow squares on the bulb and neck that match its spine!

The creature is roughly 1 inch long and in one of the photos it can be seen perched on an ink pen for perspective.

We’ve asked a couple of arachnid specialists for an opinion, but so far we don’t know what it is either.

We’d love to know what you think this is?