VIDEO: Police officer accidentally shoots self on elevator, survives

CINCINNATI -- An Erlanger, Ky., police officer was recovering Monday after accidentally shooting himself in a Cincinnati elevator in an incident  captured on surveillance video.

Officer Darryl Jouett can be seen in the elevator with his wife after having dinner in Cinncinnati, WCPO reported.

Joett removes his gun from his holster with his right hand while hold a bag and small box with his left. He checks the weapon and is apparently attempting to put it in his pocket when it goes off.

The bullet ricochets off the elevator door and hits the officer in the stomach. He drops the firearm and falls to his knees. His wife then pulls out her phone to call for help.

Jouett told WCPO he was at home and on the mend Monday. He said he was instructed by his department to not talk about the incident.