VIDEO: Olympia pot shop the latest in a string of smash-and-grab burglaries

A fifth pot shop has been hit by a smash-and-grab robbery in just a week, this time in Olympia.

Just before 3:30 a.m. Saturday, a stolen truck crashed through the barred front windows of The Green Lady, a pot shop in West Olympia.

Surveillance video shared by the owner shows four men, including the driver, rush into the store and start clearing the shelves, stuffing items into backpacks.

The entire burglary happens within a minute.

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(Pierce County Sheriff's Office)

Authorities confirmed to FOX 13 the truck used in the smash-and-grab was reported stolen, and was left in the middle of the road while they escaped in a different vehicle.

"One of them took off on I-5 at a 130 miles per hour and that's when they were able to get the license plate of it," said store manager, Bailey Beckett.

The nature of the burglary is identical to two others in the area in the past week.

Just last Sunday, the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office said criminals used a stolen Kia to crash into The Gallery, a pot shop in the Summit area. On Friday, FOX 13 reported on yet another smash-and-grab—using the exact same method—at another store in Tacoma.

Pierce County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Darren Moss said the three burglaries share "the same M.O.," The Olympian reported.

Police confirmed with FOX 13 news that another two burglaries occurred in Auburn last week—one on Monday and one on Friday, the same day of the Tacoma burglary.

VIDEO: Smash-and-grab robbery at Tacoma pot shop, armed suspects at-large

Police are searching for several suspects who drove a car through a pot shop, stormed inside and filled their bags with merchandise early Friday morning. Authorities say the suspects were armed and exchanged gunfire with a security guard during the robbery.

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No arrests have been made in any of the three burglaries. This is a developing story.