VIDEO: Man bites police officer in Kent courthouse fracas

KENT, Wash. -- A fight erupted outside a courtroom Monday morning in Kent, Kent police said, injuring a police officer and disrupting a criminal trial stemming from a drive-by shooting.

According to police, the trial of a 2012 drive-by shooting was adjourned for a short recess around 9:30 Monday morning at the Maleng Regional Justice Center in Kent. Witnesses, victims and supporters of the defendant moved to the lobby near the 3rd floor courtroom during the break, and a verbal fight broke out between multiple people.

A Seattle Police Gang Detective intervened, police said, quickly calming most of the crowd. Just when things looked to calm down, a 23-year-old Renton man associated with the defendant allegedly grabbed the officer by his clothing and punched him in the face, police said.  The Renton man then allegedly bit the officer before a King County Prosecuting Attorney grabbed the suspect by the jacket and kicked him in the chest, officers said.

Other officers quickly arrived and they arrested the Renton man.He was transported to the Kent Corrections Center and is being held on assault.

The trial resumed later in the morning.