VIDEO: It's no thrift shop as Macklemore pairs with Nordstrom

SEATTLE -- Is Nordstrom a thrift shop? Hardly.

A video on Nordstrom's website includes a cameo by Seattle rapper Macklemore and uses his and Ryan Lewis' song "And we Danced." The video, staring the's team is part of an effort to show some of the product available in the Nordstrom Wedding Suite, a special section of a downtown store dedicated to gowns, bridesmaid dresses, and accessories..


You know that moment at a wedding, after all the romantic words have been said, glasses have been raised, the cake has been cut, and finally, everyone—from the bride and groom to Grandma and Grandpa—is on the dance floor getting down. Music is pumping, shoes are kicked off, hips are shaking, hands are in the air, the maid of honor is showing off her moonwalk, Uncle Bob is breaking out the robot…

The Nordstrom Weddings team loves that moment of energy and joy on the dance floor. We want to celebrate like that every day with our friends and family! So, we thought we’d bring the best wedding dance party to life.

We got our official dance squad (aka: our own employees with some serious moves) to rock out to a track we’re sure will be the next wedding anthem: “And We Danced” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis—who just happened to do a little rocking out themselves in a special cameo appearance.

The result? You’ll have to see it for yourself!