Veteran returner Hester sees hope for Super Bowl ring with Seahawks

SEATTLE -- Veteran special teams player Devin Hester calls his signing with the Seahawks a "blessing," and a unique chance to secure the one thing he's missing:

A Super Bowl ring.

"With the career that I have and I don't have a Super Bowl ring, what a great opportunity," Hester said to the media Wednesday afternoon.

Hester, 34, has had a long and accomplished career, most notably as a special teams player. Drafted by the Chicago Bears in 2006, Hester is the NFL's all-time return touchdowns leader. Since being released from the Baltimore Ravens in December, Hester says he considered retirement until he got a call from the playoff-bound Seahawks.

"I told my agent that if it was a team that was a playoff contender I would sign," Hester said. "But if it was a team that was just missing a returner and had no hopes of making it to the playoffs I wasn't going to sign anywhere."

Hester says he appreciates Pete Carroll's commitment to special teams, and looks forward to working with the head coach.

As for whether or not Hester would run one out of the end zone if he gets the chance Saturday against the Detroit Lions, it just depends.

"If we a play a team that we feel we can gash them, we'll bring it out," Hester said.