Very cold weather to last through Sunday: Protect pets & pipes

SEATTLE -- It’s time to protect your pets at night and bring them into a warmer spot and watch for frozen pipes. That’s how cold it is in Western Washington.

Lows in the teens, with highs only around 36 degrees mean the ground stays frozen all day. That make for icy roads through the weekend--  even during the evening hours. This will last through Sunday with an even colder shot of air on Saturday. Brrrrrrrrrrr.

Thursday will be interesting with a some moisture riding down the coastline into Oregon. Right now it looks like only some light snow for the coast but some inland areas south of Seattle could at least see some flurries during the evening commute.

Friday and Saturday look sunny and icy again.

Next week we will be a little more mild but we could run into a period of snow before it turns into rain. Stay tuned.