Vape shops prepare for probable ban on flavored products

SEATTLE -- The Washington State Board of Health is expected to rule on an emergency ban of flavored vaping products on Wednesday.

In an executive order, Gov.  Jay Inslee requested the state Board of Health use emergency rulemaking to ban flavored vaping products. This comes after a national outbreak of vaping-related illnesses. The CDC reports more than 1,000 cases and 18 deaths across the country.

Vape shops across the state are concerned what banning flavored products will mean for their livelihoods.

“I’m looking at jobs, and job openings if it goes belly up,” said Dakota Wambach. “This is taking away from my livelihood and hundreds of other people’s livelihoods."

Wambach works at Rain City Vape in Bellevue. Currently, they have sales on their vape products. Wambach says his boss is planning on staying open even if the ban goes forward. But some local shops have already closed.

The state Board of Health is meeting at the Seattle Airport Marriott Hotel in the Washington Ballroom at 9:15 am.

Vape store owners and employees plan to rally during the State Board of Health’s meeting. Wambach says they will close Rain City Vape so they can attend the rally.

The CDC says recent findings suggest THC products play a role in vaping related illnesses.