Vandals use bricks, rocks to smash cars in Kenmore

KENMORE, Wash. -- King County sheriff’s deputies said Thursday that vandals have caused serious damage to vehicles in the Kenmore area using rocks and bricks.

Police said several victims parked their cars at the Kenmore Park and Ride lot, but other victims reported similar instances in surrounding neighborhoods.

Since the last week of June, at least 17 cars have been damaged in and around the area, according to deputies.

“Our insurance covered it, but I think it was fairly pricey,” said Michaela Hendrix.

Hendrix said she woke up one morning last month to find a giant dent in the side of her new car that had been parked on the street overnight.

“We have a bunch of stuff in the garage right now and my dad’s car is in there, my spot’s taken,” she said.

Her Subaru was one of at least four cars damaged in her neighborhood on June 26; police believe the suspects tossed rocks or bricks at parked cars.

Five days later, vandals did the same thing to half a dozen cars at the Kenmore Park and Ride, according to police. On July 10, two more people reported to police that their car windows had been smashed with chunks of concrete at Seattle Water Sports.

Since the last week of June, multiple victims called police saying they, too, found a brick or a rock that had damaged their cars. Some victims told police their car’s keyhole had been punched out and several other victims' cars had been keyed.

Sheriff’s deputies asked drivers to keep a watch out and report suspicious activity.