Vandal draws swastikas in front of Jewish family's business

SEATTLE -- Max Alcabes said he is hurt and feels targeted after someone drew a pair of swastikas just outside the front door of his West Seattle store, Sleepers In Seattle.

Alcabes said Tuesday night that this is the second time this has happened in the past six months.

"It wasn’t large and it wasn’t big yellow paint, but like it was unmistakable. And it was on our front door step," he said.

Alcabes said graffiti in the area is nothing new, but he claims no other businesses in the neighborhood are finding these symbols in front of their stores.

"That symbol represents a lot. I’ve seen it my whole life and it’s the ugliest symbol in the world to me," Alcabes said.

Members of the Jewish community are very sad about the recent vandalism. A volunteer at the Jewish Federation, Linda Clifton, said the Jewish Federation building in downtown Seattle was also hit by a vandal. A swastika was painted on the sign in front of the building in November.

Clifton said, "These things keep cropping up, and every time it happens there’s a little shiver that runs up your spine."

Alcabes said the images hurt but he has a message for the person who left them

"I’m not going anywhere. I’m not scared. I’m upset but I’m not scared," he said.