UW students bottom-ranked in "Hotness Index"

SEATTLE -- Sure, University of Washington students aren't known for their tanned beach bodies and sculpted abs, but one of the "least sexy" schools in the nation? That's a tad harsh.

The school-dating website Datemyschool.com recently ranked UW as one of the least sexy schools in the nation. The rankings are based on how many students and alumni "saved" the dating profile of their peers in order to look at them on the site again. Quite simply, Datemyschool.com inferred, saving a peer implies attractiveness.

The amount of saves per school were compiled into a "National Hotness Index," which then ranked UW 99 out of 100 schools in its hotness. Only the University of California Davis came in behind UW in its "unhotness" and took the bottom slot with the least amount of sexy students.

In defense of my alma mater, only 44 UW students and alumni had dating profiles featuring pictures. In comparison, Indiana University of Pennsylvania -- ranked the hottest school in the country -- featured 103 profiles with pictures.