UW Bothell remembers one of the victims in Mukilteo shooting

BOTHELL, Wash. --  Anna Bui would have been an incoming sophomore at UW Bothell this fall. Her ex-boyfriend and the man accused of killing her, Allen Ivanov, was also a student.

As Ivano sits in jail accused of fatally shooting Anna and two others and seriously injuring one other man, the community is remembering Anna. The campus lowered its flag to half staff and spoke highly of the ambitious 19-year-old Anna Bui who had so much life to live.

The tears keep coming.

“I am still in denial,” friend Karl Le said.

Family and friends coping with the reality they won’t ever get to see Anna again.

“It could have been any of us in some way,” UW Bothell student Kaylee Locke said.

Police say Ivanov killed Anna and Jake Long and Jordan Ebner at a Mukilteo house party Saturday morning. Court documents reveal Allen broke up with Anna two months ago but he tried to get her back. When Anna refused, detectives say Allen killed his ‘dream girl’ in a jealous rage.

“The pain and confusion really extends beyond our UW family,” Chancellor Wolf Yeigh said.

“I just didn’t know what to do, I just started crying and I couldn’t stop,” Academic Advisor Kathy Mitchell said.

“I don’t believe this right now; it’s hard to take in,” classmate Christiana Konugres said.

Especially hard because both Anna and Allen were Christiana’s classmates.

“We literally sat in the row behind them; she’s so awesome, so great,” Konugres said.

At Monday’s gathering Allen’s name was never mentioned at the podium -- just Anna’s.

“She left people feeling loved, she left others feeling happy, she left others feeling like a better person,” classmate Leah Shin said.

Anna’s friends say they don’t want the focus to be about how she died but how she lived.

“Very approachable, that’s what I loved about her,” Le said.

She loved music and played in a band.

“She was a great singer, she played the guitar,” Shin said.

And she was on the dean’s list every quarter, striving to become a doctor one day

“As you can see in this picture ... she was beautiful but she was also beautiful in the inside,” Shin said.

Friends say Monday's gathering is helping them cope with the loss.

Counselors will be on hand to help any students who need the extra help.