UW advises at least 121 people to be screened for TB after 1 person diagnosed with active tuberculosis

SEATTLE -- The University of Washington is recommending that 121 people be screened for TB after a person on the UW campus was diagnosed with active tuberculosis, it was announced Thursday.

King County Public Health said it is working with the UW to determine whether others have contracted TB from exposure to the diagnosed patient.

"The university and Public Health are contacting all individuals who had enough exposure to the patient to warrant screening for TB infection. TB is an infectious disease, but it’s much harder to spread than the cold or flu," Public Health said.

In a letter to UW students, the university and Public Health said the person with active TB disease is currently receiving treatment, and is not currently a risk for infecting others.

Most cases of TB are readily treatable with antibiotics that are commonly available, Public Health and the university noted, adding that TB is not easily passed from person to person.