Use THIS trick not THAT trick for last-minute online shopping savings

SEATTLE -- Cyber week has come and gone, but chances are you're still doing some holiday shopping online and chances are you still want to get a good deal.
Q13 spoke to online shopping expert and president of PriceBlink Karl Quist about how you can still save some cash.

Comparison Shopping. When you’re buying something online, Quist said it’s always worth taking the time to compare prices and make sure you’re getting the best deal online. With browser add-ons, that's not nearly as time consuming as it sounds.

"You can use a browser add-on like PriceBlink," Quist said, "Or you can go to a price comparison site like Google Shopping just to check the price before you buy. In the case of PriceBlink, it doesn't even take a second, it just happens automatically."

Abandoned Shopping Car Trick. A lot of retailers have a problem with shopping cart abandonment, that's when you fill up your cart but don't complete the purchase. Sometimes retailers will email you a coupon for items in that cart, hoping to get you to come back and complete the purchase. Quist said that trick doesn't work so much this time of year.

"Generally this time of year I wouldn’t recommend relying on that because the deals that you see are really short lived, so they’re going to sell out quickly, " Quist said.

Instead, if you see a good deal snag it. Retailers are already discounting prices around the holidays, so they're not likely to give you another coupon on top of it.

Research Every Item. It's really easy to get wrapped up in flash deals that are expiring quickly, but Quist cautioned, it doesn’t matter if you get a great price on a product, if it’s the wrong product for you then you wasted your money.

"Do your research that you would normally do, it doesn’t take that long," Quist said. " is a great place to do that. You can go on to Amazon and read reviews. Even if you’re not going to buy from Amazon, it’s a great place to do research."

Quist said by doing research, you can save yourself from spending a bunch of money on a product that’s just not right for you and move on to a better deal.

Live Chat Trick. If a website offers a live chat option, ask the representative if there are any promotions or discounts available -- even if the item isn't on sale. Quist noted the worst that can happen is they say 'no' and you spend a couple minutes trying to get a better deal.

Check Third Party Sellers. If you do shop on Amazon, sometimes the better deals are within the Amazon website. Quist said often third party sellers have better deals than Amazon itself, listed on the main product page. The item might not be Prime, might take longer to get delivered, but the cost savings might be worth it.