Urban and river flooding, clogged storm drains, and sloppy weather expected through Tuesday

SEATTLE - Monday was wet, wet, wet - a very sloppy pattern that will continue through Tuesday morning. Expect urban flooding with clogged storm drains through the night.

Most places will get an additional inch of rain overnight. Area rivers will run high and fast, with the Skokomish and Nooksack rivers jumping their banks by Tuesday.

Tuesday morning will have some “minor tidal overflow” up near Whidbey Island with the high tide. Tuesday will have less rain, but squalls will roll through from time to time.

Expect isolated thunderstorms mixed in with sun/hail/gusts/rainbows Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday. Thursday and Friday will have passing showers, but it will not be as active.

Saturday looks rather sloppy again with colder temperatures, so snow will fall on the Passes, fitting since it is Dec. 1. Sunday looks pretty good by December standards.