UPDATE: South Park Bridge closed until Tuesday

SEATTLE - The South Park Bridge will be closed until Tuesday after the drawspan became stuck after being raised Saturday morning.

The bridge opened a little before 8 a.m. to allow a boat to pass by. But just before the span was completely back down, it stopped.

Motorists had to turn around after waiting for the bridge to reopen. Crews from King County, which operates the bridge, and Seattle spent the rest of Saturday morning trying to repair the bridge's mechanisms. But a part needed to repair the bridge wasn't available, and a Seattle Department of Transportation official said that the part won't be available to be installed until at least Tuesday.

King County crews eventually determined that it was a faulty pump that was the problem, and it was still under warranty. Hopes that the bridge could somehow be lowered so that traffic could start moving again on the bridge earlier than the current Tuesday timeframe.

The new South Park Bridge opened to traffic in June, replacing the former bridge that was forced to closed in 2010.