‘Extremely disappointed’: Mother says deputies didn't investigate after her son died in hit-and-run

The Pierce County Sheriff's Department (PCSD) released a photo showing the make and model of a car that was involved in a deadly hit-and-run. A woman's 31-year-old son was killed in that crash, and over the weekend, she told FOX 13 that deputies were not investigating it.

On Saturday, FOX 13 News first spoke to Maggie O’Grady. Her son, Kevin Mattson, was killed in a deadly hit-and-run that happened along 108th South Street in Parkland.

"My baby’s gone, and I’ll never get him back, and he didn’t deserve this," said O'Grady.

O’Grady says her son was a beloved brother, and a father of two children.

She says one of the hardest parts of this devastating tragedy is she does not feel it is getting attention.

"Extremely disappointed, I have not heard a thing from the Pierce County sheriff," said O'Grady.

When FOX 13 News first aired O’Grady’s story on Saturday, the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department told us the case had not been listed as a deadly hit-and-run, and they had not assigned anyone to investigate it yet.

O’Grady said she tried for days to get information on the status of her son’s death investigation.

"I left two messages with the detective’s office. One to ask who was assigned to it, and no one knew. So, they said they would find out, ‘leave a message on this line and someone will call you back in 24 hours.’ That did not happen," she said.

O’Grady says she was even told at one point the case was unsolvable. 

"I asked him how that could be when we have video and car pieces, and what more do you want," she said.

On Wednesday, FOX13 News asked officials with the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department the reason for the delay.

"We need to look back and see where the error occurred and why it didn’t get assigned right away," said Moss.

Sergeant Darren Moss with the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department says the report was changed after FOX 13 News started to investigate the case.

"You guys picked up the story, and when I was notified that you were working the story I started looking into, and I said this probably needs to be assigned for sure. Definitely needs to be assigned. It’s a fatal accident," said Moss.

On Wednesday, PCSD released an image of the make and model of the car they believe was involved in the deadly hit-and-run.

PCSD asks anyone with information to contact the sheriff’s department of Crime Stoppers.

"We want to find who did this. We don't want that person to get away. We want justice for the family, and we want answers for the family as well."