'Up House' fails to sell at auction, goes to bank (PHOTOS)

SEATTLE -- The home that inspired the animated favorite "Up" failed to sell at auction Friday morning, and will go back to the bank.

Nobody bid high enough on the famous Ballard house, though at least one museum group and one development group were at the auction. Since the house went back to the bank, it is not yet known whether or not the house will be torn down.

The home at 1438 Northwest 46th Street was owned by Edith Macefield, who died in 2008. Macefield famously refused an offer of $1 million to real estate developers for the property. The developers built around Macefield's home of 50 years anyway, largely shutting the home off from sunlight space.

Macefield's will left the home to the superintendent of the development project, as she had no family. He later sold the home to a company called Reach Returns, which planned to open a tile-making business. However, the house later went into foreclosure.

The movie inspired the animated film, and balloons were placed outside the home in 2009 to promote "Up."

On Friday, many stood outside, again lending balloons to an adjacent fence.