University of Washington removes SAT, ACT from admission requirements

SEATTLE – The University of Washington is no longer requiring SAT or ACT scores for incoming students.

The university initially said the decision was temporary due to Covid-19 and the lack of testing sites, but they've since made the change a permanent one.

“I don’t love the fact that you’re being judged based on a four-hour test,” said Brandon Rosenberg, a high school student from Shoreline. “If it were up to me, I wouldn’t want to take them, but since they boost my application, it’s kind of something that I have to do.”

A university statement said research shows testing can create barriers for students from low-income backgrounds, students of color and women.

“Had it only been the 'Varsity Blues' and not Covid-19, we wouldn’t be seeing nearly the same number of schools transitioning into a test optional format for the next year,” said Steve Sandweiss, co-owner of Sandweiss Test Prep in Seattle. “The protesters have raised broader concerns about equity across our society, valid concerns, and certainly the issue of access to higher education would fit into the broader concerns that we see people taking to the streets about.”

Sandweiss said about half of the universities and colleges are not requiring SAT or ACT scores for the next academic year, but it may still benefit students to take the test.

“If you have strong scores, it will definitely help you out with your application, so people should still prepare for standardized tests like the SAT and ACT if they can obtain solid scores,” said Sandweiss.