'Uncle Ike's' -- Seattle’s 2nd legal pot store -- built like a fortress, to open Tuesday

SEATTLE -- In less that 24-hours Seattle’s second legal pot shop is set to open its doors.

The retail outlet is called Uncle Ike’s and its focus isn’t just on the pot – security is paramount at the new facility on 23rd Avenue and East Union Street.

The first thing you notice is the construction – the building looks as secure as Fort Knox. And for added protection, security is being run by ex-military.

“One entrance, no other points of entry or people can break into,” said property owner Ian Eisenberg. “Double secured roof, nobody’s going to drill through the roof or crash through the walls. I don’t think we’re going to have any problems there.”

The shop is only a few hundred square feet. Uncle Ike’s owners hope the safety features will blend into the background.

“We’re just focusing on opening up this one shop, doing the best job we possibly can,” said Eisenberg. “No problems, no security issues, running a tight ship and doing it correctly.”

The shop is trying to avoid the kind of problems seen at Seattle’s first legal pot store, Cannabis City.

Owners there said a street-level drug dealer shows up to fill the gap when supply runs out -- and things turned ugly when they asked the dealer to leave

“He had approached him and, actually, threw some punches, and so we have definitely involved the police. When it gets physical, it’s just not, it’s just not fun for anyone,” Amber McGowan said.

So Ike’s hired Adan Yescas and his security firm Apache 6. Yescas and his team are ex-military. He said they bring professional grade security to the fledgling Washington pot industry.

“We have security on site here, we have some undercover guys that will be inside and roaming in the parking lot,” he said.

Next door to the pot shop is another retail space that will be used to sell pipes and other marijuana wares.

The grand opening for both storefronts is scheduled for noon Tuesday.