Uber suspends self-driving car program after Arizona crash

TEMPE, Ariz. — Uber is suspending its self-driving car program, one day after a self-driving Uber SUV was struck during an accident at an Arizona intersection.

Officials say the self-driving Uber was struck by another vehicle making a left turn.

Police in Tempe say the self-driving SUV was obeying the law and the driver in the other car who didn't yield was cited for a moving violation after the Friday night crash.

An Uber spokeswoman said, “we are continuing to look into this incident and can confirm we had no backseat passengers in the vehicle.”

At the time of the crash, there were two operators in the front two seats. No one was seriously injured.

Uber says its vehicles have been grounded as it investigates.

Police say the Uber rolled over onto its side as a result of the collision.

Uber began testing self-driving cars in Pittsburgh last year and recently expanded to Arizona after its self-driving cars were banned from San Francisco's streets.