Two young men shot and killed in Tacoma, 3 others injured

TACOMA - Two young men are dead after a shooting in East Tacoma, the people responsible are still out there.

Violence is an everyday thing on the East side of Tacoma.

When violence takes away someone you love, the grief is unstoppable.

William Martin Satiacum says 19 year old Rigo Dillon is one of the two men shot and killed last night.

“It hurts me I lost my nephew,” Satiacum said.

So did Ara Hoptowit.

“He was a good kid very helpful and loving and took care of everyone around him,” Hoptowit said.

Hoptowit says family and friends were having a party along East 38th Street when a barrage of bullets started flying.

Nearby resident Steve Kemp says he heard everything.

“Just 15 to 20 gunshots pop pop pop pop,” Kemp said.

Those shots not just killing Rigo but also 26 year-old Antoine Jamir Holmes of University Place.

Tacoma Police say the 26 year old died at the scene from multiple gunshots. The other 4 people were taken to the hospital by other individuals. Rigo died at the hospital.

A 34 year-old woman and two teenage girls were also shot but they are expected to make it.

“Stop killing each other it’s not nice it’s not good to us family members who have to suffer in the end,” Hoptowit said.

Police have yet to determine a motive but Satiacum repeatedly telling Q13 News that residents who live in East Tacoma are concerned about gang violence.

“There is a lot of gang violence here,” Satiacum said.

Satiacum says he is scared everyday of his life.

“I am scared everyday what you say when you live on the eastside,” Satiacum said.

“We don’t need this war to stop this war fighting with one another let us just come together to stop the war put the guns down,” Hoptowit said.

The city of Tacoma says East Tacoma does have a problem with youth violence. So just last month they changed the way in which they approach the issue. Instead of spreading out funds across Tacoma the city is more hyper focused on areas like East Tacoma, like South Tacoma and the Hilltop neighborhood.

The city is partnering with Comprehensive Life Resources.

“There is a lot of activity going on over there that’s why they requested us to target these areas,” Calvin Kennon said.

Kennon with Comprehensive Life Resources manages the program RAIN.

“We are embedding ourselves in that community, getting people employed intensive outreach in the schools,” Kennon said.

Kennon says a team of 9 people are hitting the streets of the neighborhoods affected the most by gang violence educating families about the resources that are available. They are also engaging with young people everyday hoping to lead them away from a life of violence.